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Hello there!

Here we would like to introduce ourselves, so that you could put a face on this web-site and learn why we started this project. We are Ray and Olga Klein, a couple living in New Jersey, with our two children.

Ray is a professional mechanical engineer licensed in four states and working in the heart of Manhattan (check out some of his published papers - Technical Paper 1, Technical Paper 2 and Technical Paper 3 ). This may seem like a long way from the medical field, but a serious health problem has led him to a proactive approach to understanding what fuels our immune systems. Ray's interest in nutrition and the natural ways to boost immune health started in 2001 when first his feet, and then, gradually over several years, most of his body fell numb causing severe fatigue and tingling pain 24/7.

Since 2001 he has visited five different neurologists who did all sorts of testing, scans, MRIs, etc. and could not find anything physically wrong with him. They came to a conclusion that this was a peripheral neuropathy of unknown cause and could only offer strong painkilling medications which Raymond refused to take. Who would want to deliberately poison himself without even a diagnosis? Instead, he started his own quest to find a natural solution to his health problems. In 2005 he heard about glutathione from a friend and this is where the research started which led to discovering all the information you can find on our web-site.

After optimizing his glutathione levels and completely moving away from SAD (Standard American Diet), getting enough sleep , managing stress levels (or at least trying hard:), and detoxifying the house of all the multitude of household chemicals as much as possible, the pain gradually drained down and now stays mainly in the bottom of his feet only, and Ray's energy levels increased considerably. It has not been an easy miraculous overnight recovery, and the problem has not disappeared completely, but it turned around and is under control - naturally, without dangerous drugs. His neurologist is amazed that there are no signs of neural deterioration of any kind every time Ray comes for a check-up, for over 8 years now, and keeps telling him "to continue doing whatever he has been doing".

I, Olga, am a stay-at-home mom, with two Master's degrees, in the English language and literature, and economics. I work on our web-site project and also paint with acrylics. I decided to look closely into glutathione and nutrition back in 2005 to support my immune system in order to get rid of colds attacking me several times a year since I was a kid. This has now been accomplished! In addition, the family history of breast cancer has made me think about the best possible, safe and natural preventative measures. Neither my grandmother nor my mother lived long enough to see their grandchildren. I want this tendency to change...

Both of us are strong believers that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that God created our bodies with the ability to heal naturally through the support of the immune system which definitely IS at the center of our well-being.

It is our immune system that pulls us out of any health condition. If it is compromised, no doctor will ever be able to help us. We need information on how to support and feed our immune system, and the ability to discern what is best for us based on available scientific research.

If you have any questions about what you discovered on this web-site or any comments you would like to share with us, please e-mail us here.

Please understand that we cannot diagnose any disease or suggest treatments. If you have a medical condition or suspect you might have one, please contact your family physician or other medical professional without delay.

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