19. What should diabetics mix Immunocal with? 

Immunocal contains 0 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of sugar. So, it is the drink that is used for mixing Immunocal that matters for diabetic patients.

They should not use Immunocal with any of the juices (neither orange, apple, nor grape juices) to avoid increases in sugar levels in blood or urine. These juices add 8 to 10 full teaspoons of sugar daily if Immunocal is taken twice a day in 6 oz. of liquid (12 oz. total).

Diabetics should mix Immunocal with:

  • cold cereal
  • unsweetened yogurt (make sure there is no aspartame listed in yogurt ingredients)
  • non-fat cow's milk
  • almond milk 
  • plain kefir
  • water

Sugar and carbohydrate content of select juices, per 12 oz.:

Total carbohydrates (g) Carbs from sugar (g) Sugar (tsp.) Calories
Orange juice 39 33 8 165
Apple juice 42 39 10 165
Cherry juice* 49.5 37.5 9 210
Grape juice 60 58.5 15 240

*Tart cherries have low glycemic index score of 54, producing only mild blood sugar rise. Concentrated tart cherry juice reconstituted in water may be used in moderate amounts by diabetic patients and may be of benefit to them due to high content of natural melatonin, anthocyanins and other phenolic compounds. Check out The Cherry Nutrition Report (page 8) for more information on tart cherries and diabetes.


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