4. Is Immunocal safe? 

Yes, Immunocal is safe to take. When it comes to supplying your cells with the crucial glutathione precursor cysteine consuming 1 pouch of undenatured whey protein Immunocal is equivalent to drinking 1 gallon of raw milk out of which it is made - something that is, of course, impossible to achieve. 

So, taking Immunocal is as safe as drinking milk minus all the fat, cholesterol and sugars. In fact, it is so safe that it can be given to newborn babies once they reach 10 lbs. And we all know that there aren't that many foods that you can give to newborns. Immunocal is an exception - its protein make-up is as close as one can get to human breast milk.   

Raw milk used in the production of this undenatured whey protein is processed in the US facilities under the current Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure optimal quality and safety of the finished product. Immunocal is classified as a GRAS (generally regarded as safe) dietary supplement.

If you have a medical condition, always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplements. 


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