13. Are there any side effects associated with taking Immunocal? 

Immunocal raises glutathione levels in serum and tissue. When glutathione levels rise in liver tissue, this largest detoxification organ is able to detoxify body more effectively - that is the biggest positive side effect.

Some people, especially those who have been exposed to high levels of environmental toxins and whose glutathione levels are low, may experience a mild temporary reaction as the liver is removing concentrated toxins from storage in body fat.

This reaction may manifest itself as a rash or a headache. It means that Immunocal is working in your body. Usually, reducing the dose of Immunocal will allow these temporary side effects to go away.

In this case the solution will be to increase the dose of Immunocal slowly starting with the smallest dose of undenatured whey protein that the body accepts well - 1 pouch or even 1/2 pouch at first, and work your way up. Also, it is important to drink enough liquids, preferably water, to facilitate detoxification.

If Immunocal is not rehydrated properly it may also cause mild gastric cramping.


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