6. Can children take Immunocal and what are Immunocal dosages for children? 

Yes, children can take Immunocal as early as when they reach 10 lb. weight. This undenatured whey protein is composed of the same basic proteins that are found in human breast milk.

Immunocal dosages for children chart is below (courtesy of Immunotec Inc. customer service):

Weight Serving
pounds kilos pouch grams tsp.
10 5 1/4 pouch 2.5 2
15 7 3.5 3
20 10 1/2 pouch 5 4
25 12 6 5
35 15 3/4 pouch 7.5 6
40 17 8.5 7
45 20 1 pouch 10 7.5

Our son weighs 53 lbs. He has been taking 1 pouch a day since he was 5 years old when he started kindergarten. Our daughter weighs 31 lbs. and is currently on 1/2 pouch a day, not attending daycare. If she attended daycare I would give her 1/2 pouch twice a day. Both children are in good overall health.

If your child has a medical condition, first discuss any dietary supplementation with his/her pediatrician. Bring Immunocal PDR listing with you to your next appointment. View and print it here. (PDF file)


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