18. How to mix Immunocal the easy way, and with what liquids? 

Immunocal is a very fine undenatured whey protein powder, similar to pastry flour or starch, and it will clump and become a nightmare if mixed with too much liquid.

This is how to mix Immunocal properly, the fast and easy way:

  • Shake the pouch gently for the powder to settle at the bottom.

  • Open the pouch by tearing off the top and pour Immunocal into a cup slowly so that it doesn’t rise into the air.

  • Add 2 tablespoons of liquid per 1 pouch (orange juice or any other juice, organic milk including rice or almond milk, yogurt, kefir) and stir with a spoon or a fork to make a paste. If you are mixing 2 pouches at a time, add 4 tablespoons of liquid.

  • Add 4-6 ounces more of liquid to this paste, stir well and drink immediately.

Do not take more than 2 pouches together because the body can absorb only a certain amount of protein at any given time.

For tips on how to keep Immunocal bioactive while mixing it go to

FAQ #17 - What denatures Immunocal?

Watch a short video demonstrating how to mix Immunocal
using a shaker cup or a fork:

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