23. How long before I notice results with Immunocal? 

Immunocal is not a pharmaceutical chemical drug with strict dosages and immediate results. In general, at 2 pouches of Immunocal a day, it takes up to 2 weeks for undenatured cysteine to get into your system and start raising glutathione, and additional 3-4 weeks to raise your glutathione to optimal levels.


For those in good health:

At this point, after 4-5 weeks, you should start noticing an increase in energy, enhanced mental acuity and improved sense of well-being.

If you are an athlete, whether an amateur or professional, your physical performance will improve and recovery time should shorten.

For those with health problems:

You may notice results from taking Immunocal after the first week, depending on the severity of your condition, overall health, your age and the amount of time that you have had this particular condition.

Because most diseases are accompanied by low glutathione levels, even a slight initial increase in glutathione levels may bring noticable results. Since Immunocal does not have strict dosages, depending on the body's response, it may be necessary to increase Immunocal to 3-4 pouches a day to continue on the road to improvement and even possible recovery.


Personal experience:

My husband, Ray, has had non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy since 2001. Back in 2005 his condition was at its worst - he had very low energy levels, he had "brain fog" to the extent that it was impossible to concentrate, he was in constant tingling pain over 90% of his body. As a result, he could not sleep which made things worse.

As a professional engineer he could not continue going on with such symptoms, as his job requires high concentration and an ability to do complex calculations. He was thinking about a permanent disability leave when our friend put him on Immunocal.

Ray started on 2 pouches a day. Since his condition had progressed so much and there was considerable nerve damage already, he felt a noticable improvement in energy levels and "brain fog" went away in less than a week. It took several more weeks and gradually increasing Immunocal to 5 pouches a day for most of his symptoms to go away, for the pain to drain down to the bottom of the feet, for mental sharpness to return, so that he could continue to work and live a normal life. He has been on 5-6 pouches a day since then, occasionally going down to 4 pouches a day for short periods of time depending on stress levels and overall feeling. He is not cured, but his condition is under control.

However, someone with peripheral neuropathy, who has had this condition for only a few months, may notice improvement only after 1 month or even 2 months on 2 pouches of Immunocal, because his/her glutathione levels are not as low and the symptoms are not as severe.

Also, for better results with Immunocal one must avoid as much as possible everything that depletes glutathione. Read What depletes glutathione?



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