3. How does Immunocal help my immune system?

Undenatured whey protein Immunocal helps your immune system by supplying your body with bonded cysteine which is the crucial building block for glutathione.

Cysteine is very hard to obtain through modern diet when all dairy is pasteurized and cysteine amounts in raw fruit and vegetables are far from being sufficient.  Meat sources cannot be taken into account either since you cannot eat raw meat.

Cysteine in Immunocal is undenatured and remains bonded (two cysteine molecules connected with a disulfide bond) and therefore it is highly bio-active. Such a bonded cysteine molecule is able to enter the cell undamaged and unaltered ready to participate in glutathione production.

Optimal glutathione levels are mandatory for a healthy immune system, for proper detoxification and antioxidant activity within all cells. It has been scientifically proven that without glutathione cells die (Glutathione efflux and cell death. Franco R, Cidlowski JA. PMID: 22656858).

Immunocal has been scientifically proven to raise and maintain glutathione levels.

To review studies with Immunocal visit our page Immunocal Medical Research.


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