22. How can Immunocal benefit healthy people? 

People how are in good general health, including even those under 40 years of age, can definitely benefit from raising glutathione with Immunocal.

Modern diets poor in undenatured cysteine do not provide nearly enough of this crucial glutathione precursor. Even if you eat healthy and read all the food labels to avoid unwanted ingredients, you still do not get hardly any undenatured cysteine. That is unless you are somehow able to eat several pounds of raw broccoli, or raw meat a day, or drink two gallons of raw milk daily – this is what it takes to provide enough undenatured cysteine to maintain normal glutathione levels.

High stress levels, environmental pollution, food laden with chemicals and poor in undenatured cysteine, antibiotics, bad habits such as smoking - all deplete glutathione, undermine health and will eventually lead to illness. It is just a matter of time.

It is essential to feed your immune system to ensure it stays in tip-top condition as long as possible.  But how do you do that? This is where Immunocal steps in – it supplies your cells with undenatured cysteine, so that your cells can continue making glutathione.

So, what exactly can 1 pouch of Immunocal daily do for a healthy person (2 pouches if over 150 lbs.)?

  • Provide undenatured cysteine for maintaining optimal glutathione levels after the age of 20 when natural glutathione production starts to decline 1% a year on average
  • Optimal glutathione levels ensure proper detoxification
  • Optimal use and recycling of all other antioxidants
  • Lessen oxidative stress
  • Increased energy levels
  • Faster recovery from strenuous exercise
  • Fewer trips to a doctor’s office
  • Less likelihood of contracting colds or flu
  • Faster recovery in case of a cold or flu



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